Behaviour Struggles one to one programmes Assessment

Assessment consultation to ascertain which programme is most suitable for you and your dogs needs.

Struggle no more, I am here to support you.

Does your dog bark constantly?
Bark at people or other dogs?  
Does he get anxious and fearful when out and about?  
Is he sound sensitive?
Has he become fixated with lights or shadows?
even tail chasing and it seems an obsessive behaviour?
Anxiety and stress can show in your dogs behaviour in more ways than one.  
It just doesn't effect your dogs life, but yours too.  It can put a huge strain on your family and relationships with loved ones.
Have you tried everything, searched everywhere for answers and haven't found them, or has what you tried just made things worse?

Behaviour struggles can be deep rooted and not a quick fix.  
It is my job to help with the emotional side of unwanted behaviour.
Supporting you throughout the process by being your own coach in your pocket.  
Working on why your dog is behaving this way, not on the behaviour itself.  
Showing you how you can help your dog cope in any situation.  Giving you the support you need and the skills to help you and your dog.  
By working on the emotions you can transform your pet's behaviour.  
These are very common struggles that dog parents can have with their beloved pet, and can put a huge stress on family life.
 Are you committed to help your dog work through his struggles  and bring the harmony back into your families life?

 I do require you to have your dog vet checked prior to any consultation. 
Although  I realise it is difficult at this time to do so. 
Pain and discomfort can play a big part in your dogs behaviour.

To enable me to assess which programme is most appropriate for you and your dog's struggles,
Please  purchase an Assessment Consultation below.

 Details of the Assessment

  • A 60 to 90 min home visit or zoom session
  • Management stratagies put into please for immediate solutions 
  • Training advice and methods you can learn now to help with your struggles
  • A written or recorded training plan 72 hrs after our assessment cons

I am not there to judge, but to listen.
I do not need to see your dogs behaviour, I promise, I believe what you tell me without putting your dog under any stress or anxiety.
Find out where your dogs comfort line is, without intentionally crossing it, then we will start to begin the transformation process.
During the assessment, I will go through any control and management strategies that you may need to put in place
Help you understand your dogs body language and the minute signals he sends you.

You will be emailed a detailed behaviour questionnaire  prior to the assessment, which you need to complete and return, also what you need in readiness for the assessment.  

Each programme offers a high level of support whether it is the 4 or 8 week programme, bespoke to both you and your pet’s needs.  
We will discuss the best options for your dog at the end of your initial assessment.

Consultation Assessment Pricing.

  • Consultation Assessment
  • £125

    Assessment taken prior to booking a programme

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Doreen Potter