Assessment- overseas rescue

Why am I an expert in Romanian and overseas rescue dogs?
Watch my story below.

Struggle no more, I am here to support you, and your overseas rescue dog.

Our Overseas rescue dogs are different from UK based rescue dogs.
Their innate survival skills and unique behaviour sometimes mean that traditional methods just don't work.
Due to the vast range of struggles that adopters have with their beloved dogs
there is not a standard training plan.
Each plan is unique to YOU and your dog.
An Assessment is the first step to creating a training plan bespoke to your needs.

Some Overseas behaviour struggles may include...
* Reactivity to  people or other dogs.
* Reactivity to visitors in the home.
* Reactivity to family members.
* Anxious and fearful when out and about
* Sound sensitive
* Separation related behaviour.
 To name just a few struggles.

Anxiety and stress can show in your dogs behaviour in more ways than one.  
It just doesn't effect your dogs life, but yours too.  
It can put a huge strain on your family and relationships with loved ones.
The normal dog training techniques sometimes do not work for your overseas rescue.
You  have searched for and tried everything, searched everywhere for answers and haven't found them, or maybe what you tried just made things worse?

Behaviour struggles can be deep rooted and not a quick fix.  
It is my job to help with the emotional side of unwanted behaviour.
Supporting you throughout the process by being your own coach in your pocket.  
Working on why your dog is behaving this way, not on the behaviour itself.  
Showing you how you can help your dog cope in any situation.  
Giving you the support you need and the skills to help you and your dog.  
By working on the emotions you can transform your rescue dogs behaviour.  
These are very common struggles that rescue dog adopters can have with their beloved overseas rescue dog, and can put a huge stress on family life.
 Are you committed to help your dog work through his struggles  and bring the harmony back into your families life?

 I do require you to have your dog vet checked prior to any consultation. 
Although  I realise it is difficult at this time to do so. 
Pain and discomfort can play a big part in your dogs behaviour.

After booking you will receive an email with details of what I require prior to our session.
Please note that I must receive the videos at least one 3 days in advance of your assessment, so I have time to watch and analyse  each one.
The videos should be sent to Whats app.
This will be a huge part of creating a training plan bespoke to your dog's struggles.

 Details of the Assessment

  • 60 - 90 minutes zoom assessment.
  •  I will gather more details from you during the assessment. Give you management techniques and training tips to help you in the moment and moving forwards.
  • Talk through the videos you have sent and explain what I have seen re body language and help you spot those subtle signals your dog is showing.
  • At the end of the assessment, I will have more idea of which behaviours are priority and help put a plan into action.
  • You will receive the full video of the zoom session for you to refer back to any time. 

I am not there to judge, but to listen.
I do not need to see your dogs behaviour during our session. I promise, I believe what you tell me without putting your dog under any stress or anxiety.
Find out where your dogs comfort line is, without intentionally crossing it, then we will start to begin the transformation process.
There are normally lots of little struggles that can build up to your dog showing the behaviour that is causing the most distress. Eliminating or minimising those little struggles can greatly reduce the bigger reaction.
Remember every dog, family, indoor/outdoor enviroment is unique to them.

 Each programme offers a high level of support, bespoke to both you and your dog's needs.  
We will discuss the best options for your dog at the end of your initial assessment.

  • Assessment Overseas rescue
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Some of my Overseas rescue clients reviews 

I have had my 2 year old Romanian Rescue for just over 18 months.  It took a while to get her out of the house and used to going for walks but she seemed to enjoy them. Little did I know, she was constantly in a state of high anxiety and was terrified of other dogs, but because she lunged and barked at them, and her tail wagged, I thought it was just her way of dealing with it and she would get used it.  After several leads, collars, harnesses, bruises and cuts from being pulled over, I reached out to A2B dog training for some help. From the initial consultation to completion of the 8 week anxious dog programme, I learned so much about Bellas body language, how to read it and how to make her feel safe. Doreen is fabulous, very patient and is always there for guidance throughout. We had both virtual and in person meetings which both worked as well as each other. I still have a way to go with Bella, but I now have the skills and confidence to take her out and she loves her training. I would recommend Doreen and A2B to anyone wanting to resolve issues with their dog. Forever grateful to Doreen who is an amazing trainer.

Linda and Bella

  " Doreen has an incredibly calming and gentle way with both our dog and us when teaching us what to do. Thanks to Doreen we understand changing our dogs unwanted behaviour will take time as it is rooted in fear but she has taught us so much already we can see a much more positive and calm future with our beloved dog.

Catherine and Honey

We have recently finished a 6 week programme with Doreen to help our 2.5 year old Romanian rescue Grace. She was so nervous from the start, afraid of everything and barked 24/7. She didn't want to go for walks, was afraid of her harness and would bite my husband if he stood up or walked towards the door. Her behaviours/issues escalated tremendously after we moved in January this year. We were desperate to get Grace the help she needed and deserved. I can't say how relieved and happy we were to be pointed in Doreens direction. After a 1 hour zoom call Doreen had Grace sussed out with problems we didn't even realise existed! I can't recommend Doreen enough to anybody with (especially) Romanian rescue dogs. Doreen guided us through each step of the programme, ringing weekly and going above and beyond to give you help as and when needed. Nothing is too much trouble. I'm obviously biased, but, Doreens expertise where Grace is concerned is second to none. I hate to think where we'd be now if it wasn't for her help

Pauline, Andy and Grace

A sample of my Achievements.
Always learning to share my expertise with you.

Doreen Potter