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unlocking their true potential and eliminating future problem behaviour with confidence and ease.

Dearest Puppy Parent,

You are about to embark upon the most exciting and joyful chapter of your life with your new puppy.

Here are some challenges you may have... 

  • My puppy bites and nips me.
  • He still leaves puddles everywhere.
  • How can I socialise him when we cannot go out yet
  • My puppy cries when I leave him
  • She doesn't like being picked up
Sounds familiar?

Bringing a puppy into your home is one of the most exciting decisions you'll make.

They are cute and fun.

But most puppy parents make mistakes in how to raise their puppy resulting in future challenges that can simply be avoided if they just KNEW the right information.

These mistakes can result in problems such as:

  • Your puppy bitting and nipping
  • Your puppy getting out of control when meeting another dog
  • Your puppy mysteriously stops eating or drinking water
  • Your puppy being hyper at night resulting in sleep deprivation
  • Your puppy starts barking and whining for no apparent reason
  • Even things like your puppy is stealing socks! 
And so many more unfortunate and completely avoidable challenges!

Did you know?

Most problem behaviours start during the first 10 months of a dog's life!

Doreen Potter

Owner and Founder of A2B Dog Training and Behaviour

Hi, my name is Doreen

I have  been working with dogs for more years that I care to remember, b

I specialise in Anxious and nervous dogs and puppies and know how important these early months of learning really are.
Setting great foundations in your puppies training really helps your pup mature into a well rounded adult dog, that is a pleasure to have at home.
If you are really struggling, why not book a free call with me


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability,
Responsiveness, Value

As a first time puppy owner I felt out of my depth at times but thanks to my one to one sessions with Doreen and my puppy Buddy followed by puppy classes I have gained confidence in my abilities as a puppy parent and Buddy certainly likes attending the classes just to see Doreen and his puppy friends again!. I am now fully enjoying life with my new skills in place.

Alison Taylor

." Attending puppy classes with A2B training and results so far are amazing.
 A really positive, fun approach to learning with your dog.
Would definitely recommend. 

Tracy Fletcher

 Really enjoying our 6 week puppy class. Has given us a great start to training, and we’re looking forward to progressing to the follow on classes. Doreen is great and with small class sizes she is able to tailor each session based on our (and our pups) needs. 

Catherine De Beaufort Chappell

What is the cost of not getting it right the first time around?

  • Socialisation done wrong can lead to reactivity, aggression and anxiety later on.
  • Potty training done wrong can result in lifelong accidents inside
  • Behaviours such as stealing socks or shoes can lead to resource guarding
  • Puppy nipping can become an ingrained habit that works for creating space
  • Not starting with training the right way will make any future training harder for you and your dog and more time-consuming
We can avoid these problems with a simple solution!


Puppy Power Puppy School

The most comprehensive, educational, practical, actionable and fun home study school and community for new puppy parents!

Through this home study programme you'll accomplish the following ever-lasting milestones:

Prevent Problem Behavior

Learn how to transform your jumping, bitey land shark puppy into a model canine companion using modern, ethical and effective training methods.

Supercharge Relationship

Become the warm and nurturing guardian your puppy needs. Help them to develop their confidence and truly relax in every situation.

Build Connection

Build your puppy's focus and have fun unlocking true potential. You'll have a pup you can be proud to take everywhere and  anywhere!

Here is a small taste of what you will learn in the next 8 weeks.

  • How to implement a daily schedule and routine?
  • Fast and easy potty training
  • How to set up an effective training schedule?
  • How to create a safe space so that your puppy can chill on their own?
  • How to safely greet other dogs in the home?
  • How to prevent door dashing?
  • How to positively introduce harness and leash?
  • How to raise a puppy successfully?
  • How to positively handle and groom your puppy 
  • How to teaching a reliable recall 
  • How to build a relationship with you puppy 
  • How to finding your puppy's motivation 
  • The puppy developmental stages so you can know what to expect

What you get when you join the course

Extensive video library

Step-by-step training

Action Checklists

Downloadable Handouts

  • Immediate access to world-class training 
  • Over 100 High quality, easy to follow video library that you can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer! 
  • 8 week training exercises drip fed so you and your pup don't get overwhelmed with all the content
  • Get lifetime access to our course materials 
  • Puppy Training Workbook and Diary so you can track your progress

Programme price.

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    PUPPY SCHOOL 8 week programme
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    All you will ever need to give you and your puppy the best start to learning

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Doreen Potter