5 week classes, amazing learning for your pup or older new starter.

An amazing class for your new pup, or older new starter. A video vault that is yours to keep. A fully supported FB group and a whole lot of fun

This isn't just a weekly training class😁
This is a fully supported 5 weeks of fun and learning.

 What do you get?
Access to a video vault for you to boost your learning between classes.
A private  Facebook group for more support from me.
A safe place to share.
Even more learning.
The skills to continue the learning well after classes are finished.
An Invite to attend a follow on cl

What does your pup or new starter get?

 🐶A safe place to learn and have fun.

🐶Confidence building.

🐶Socialisation in a safe place.

🐶Each lesson is bespoke to your dog or pup.

 I know that every dog is different and every dog will learn at different speeds.

 AND of course all the basic skills that are needed to help your pup or new skills for your older dog.

 All the methods used are kind and effective, positive reinforcement only.
 Taught by a fully qualified trainer.

What don't you get.... Walking round in circles for an hour. A room full of out of control pups (5 maximum class size)

Class Summary

Please Note,

These classes are not suitable for dogs or puppies that are not happy in the company of other dogs or people.

Please get in touch if this might be you.

5 week, 1 hr classes, for puppies up to 6 months and New starters over 6 months.

Venue- Drigg & Carlton Village Hall
Monday Evenings- 6pm - 7pm  
New starters
Price- £60 payable on booking. 

To check for availability and to book your place,
please send an email to
send me a message on facebook

Doreen Potter