A2B's Terms and Conditions

Now the legal stuff: 

Please make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before you make a booking.
By placing a booking, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to them.

 Client hereby agrees that no training is perfect and that effects of the training can be affected by various factors.
Trainer will take all appropriate measures to achieve training and behaviour goals but makes no guarantees as to the results.

Client further agrees to take all necessary steps to aid the Trainer and to follow on any instruction or advice provided by the Trainer, especially to work with Dog daily and to constantly reinforce the training.

Client further acknowledges that Dog may be exposed to a variety of environmental conditions which include, but are not limited to, vehicular travel, interaction with people and other animals, exposure to adverse weather, and exposure to areas with crowds and all types of traffic.

‘A2B Dog Training’ are insured with ’Pet Plan Sanctuary’ however any accident or injury during our training session will not be covered if you have failed to use the appropriate equipment or failed to follow my advice.

You are happy for ‘A2B Dog Training’ to share success stories about my dog via social media and share photos.

You are happy to write a testimonial if requested.    

1 to 1 private sessions.
Programmes must be completed within the stated times on programme purchased.
There may be times that the dates are extended to give time to work on specific training, otherwise weekly sessions are booked in advance. (unless otherwise arranged with A2B Dog Training)
Dog Guardians need to commit to the training between sessions to see any transformation.
You must commit to share video updates of your training at home and be available for once weekly check-ins via telephone or Whatsapp.
Puppy programmes must be completed within the specified time.
Payment made via Stripe at time of booking. In full or available payment plan. 

Dogs in classes 
Dogs joining classes must not be known to be aggressive towards other dogs and people. If you have a dog who has a problem with other dogs or people (nervous or aggressive), please contact Doreen to discuss other options such as 1 to 1 training. Reactive Training classes an exception.
Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs in and around the training venue.  Please ensure you come to class suitably prepared with pooh bags to clean up any dog mess.  
All dogs must be kept under control and on a lead, unless specifically requested otherwise.
Although we welcome children into class, they must be your responsibility, must not go up to any of the dogs in class and must be able to listen to the trainers in class. Children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 

Health and wellbeing 
If you have a female dog who is in season, please DO NOT bring her to classes.
If you have a dog who is showing signs of Kennel Cough, please DO NOT bring them to classes.
If you are unsure, please contact Doreen for advice.
If there are any other health issues with your dog, please notify us before attending classes or one to ones.
If you are in any doubt about your dog’s health, you should seek advice from a qualified Vet.
Due to the active nature of dog training, we ask that you pay due care and attention to your own safety and that of others at all times.
You are responsible for your dog and its actions.

Dogs must always remain on lead unless instructed otherwise.
A2B Dog Training and any persons acting on its behalf accept no liability for accident, injury, illness, damage or loss affecting any persons, dogs or property while at the classes.
Attendance at a class signifies acceptance of these terms and those above.

 Reward Based  Training 
All the training we do at A2B Dog Training is reward based - no aversive training methods will be used in our classes or during a home visit.
 We ask the same of you.
Please remember that training must continue at home for you to see the benefits.
It is 24/7 training.
Some commonly used ‘aversive ’equipment/methods are: Choke chains, slip leads, water pistols and rattle cans.
Basically, anything that is designed to ‘stop’ a behaviour using discomfort, pain or fear.
These methods often only suppress the behaviour and rarely fix the problem, and more often can escalate the problem behaviour.

Payments, cancellations, and refunds 
Payment in full is due at the time of booking for all classes and workshops and programmes, including assessments.
If you wish to cancel a booking for any of the above, 1 weeks’ notice prior to the first training session is required for a full refund. If less than 1 weeks’ notice is given, we regretfully cannot refund your fees, unless there are mitigating circumstances.

We reserve the right to cancel a class/session due to bad /hot weather or illness, or situations out of our control, however, we will always endeavour to give as much notice as possible, you will still receive your full programme and your class will still run for the full amount weeks if this happens.

We regret that if you are unable to make a class due to illness or other reasons this cannot be refunded.

If you cancel your one-to-one session in person without prior notice, that session will be forfeited unless there are mitigating circumstances. Please give at least 48hrs notice.
There may be a delay of up to 3 weeks before I have availability to reshedule.

If the classes have to be cancelled due to matters out of my control I will endeavour to transfer the sessions to another date,
If this isn’t possible, then the classes will transfer to zoom.

Payment for classes and workshops to
 Mrs D M Potter 40-22-16 91244671
Or via stripe payment on the website

Terms and Conditions – remote training (dog training or behaviour)
1. Cancellations - 72 hours’ notice is required. Charges may be applied (for up to the entire period that has been cancelled) if the required notice period is not given.
 2. Payments may be subject to a monthly payment plan however initial consultation fees must be paid in full at time of booking. Payment will be via Stripe.
 3. A2B Dog Training reserves the right to cancel the contract (at any time & with immediate effect) if any dog/s under the contract do not respond well to the therapy plan and/or other dogs (where the continuing of said contract is deemed, by ‘A2B dog training’, to constitute a risk).
If you don’t stick to what we’ve agreed in this contract. (And you have the right to cancel too at any time.) We really hope you don’t because we want to help your dog get better. But you are free to do so, though there are no refunds for fees paid. Even if this contact is cancelled some things will still apply like confidentiality.
 4. For our online support programmes owners/clients are asked to check in once a week to help us monitor your dog’s progress and be required to send video footage of any progress where necessary.
5. Although we cannot fully guarantee a 100% success rate with our training methods, we have a high success rate with previous clients who follow and practice our methods in the long term.
6. Our methods are all kind and effective however are never instant and take commitment from the client to work with their dog in the long-term.
 7. All dogs that are known to bite other dogs or cause injury need to wear a muzzle, we take no responsibility for dogs who are not muzzled or kept under control, during our session or when working outside of our session. Failure to wear a muzzle when asked may result in termination of your support.
8. ‘A2B Dog Training’ are insured with ’Pet Plan Sanctuary’ however any accident or injury during our training session will not be covered if you have failed to use the appropriate equipment or failed to follow my advice.
9. You are happy for ‘A2B Dog Training’ to share success stories about your dog via social media and share photos. Please state if not.
10. You are happy to write a testimonial if requested.
11. You agree to report/check in regularly about your dog’s progress through either Whatsapp, text, or by or respond to any communication from ‘A2B Dog Training’. Continual failure to do so can result in a termination of your support.
12. All ongoing programmes should be taken within a number of months/weeks. depending on the programme. eg, 7 week programme must be completed within 3 months, unless previously agreed to extend.
13. In the case of behavioural issues you agree to give consent to work with us and are happy for us to contact your vet on your behalf.

ON LINE COURSES Cancellations and Refunds
I hope you don't feel the need to cancel, but if you do please read.

Due to the nature of the online courses no refund is available for courses that have full access on booking.
Online courses that have staggered access will be refunded, although the this will be appropriate to the amount of material you have already accessed and admin fees.

Any photographs, videos, recordings, or other media content taken by staff during training, become the intellectual property of A2B Dog Training for use in marketing activities (including, but not limited to, the website, and A2B face book page)
 It will not be used in a manner that might reasonably be considered to be offensive or derogatory.
If you do not wish any media content of you or your dog to appear on our website, Facebook page or any other form of advertising, you will need to notify us prior to the start of the activity.
A2B Dog Training accepts no responsibility for injury, illness, loss, damage or accident to you, your dog, spectator, other persons, or property.
Dog training can be a physical activity and handlers are reminded to take due care and attention to their and others safety. Handlers are responsible for their dog’s actions and behaviour at all times.

Data Protection 
All information and Data gathered is kept secure on my laptop files. These will be deleted after 1 year if deemed not required. I will not share any data.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Doreen Potter MISAP. PDT. DDT