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Thriving Teen Course

A world class program helping you transform your adolescent dog into a well mannered, happy and fun dog even if you have zero experience.

Getting a dog is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life - it changes your life and your family's life forever.
Everything is going well. You have cracked the difficult puppy stage.
Then out of the blue, your wonderful pup seems to have forgotten everything they have learned.
They seem to ignore you, show some unwanted behaviours that are completely new to you.
Welcome to your ADOLESCENT DOG.
So many pet parents are frustrated by their dog's behavior - So many teen dogs are re-homed 0r end up in kennels due to the terrible teen stage in a dog's development.
That is just it..........A STAGE. A very challanging stage for pet parents and for the dogs too.
Do any of these points apply to you ?

  • An amazing recall has now changed to hit and miss.
  • He/she just doesn't listen any more.
  • He is just crazy at times, bouncing off the furniture and wont stop.
  • She is more interested in everything, anything else than me.
  • Walking has become a real nightmare, especially if other dogs are about.

Your Trainer

Hi, my name is Doreen Potter.
I am a qualified Dog Trainer and I have been working with dogs and their pet parents for over 20 years.
I specialise in nervous and anxious dogs and puppies, rescue dogs, and dogs with Separation Anxiety.
My methods are positive reinforcement, kind and effective. Supporting both the dog and the pet parent.
It isn't all about training, it is about understanding why your dog behaves in a certain way. What is the emotion behind that behaviour.
When you understand the reason, the training easily falls into place.

If you are really struggling with your dogs behaviour, and feel you need more support, please feel free to book a free call with me.

Imagine these struggles resolved...

  • Your dog comes running back to you happily, time and time again.
  • No more bouncing of the furniture and settled and calm on his bed.
  • Focusing on you when out on those walks, keeps coming back to check in with you.
  • Really listening to you and happily does what you ask.
  • A real joy to be around, no more feeling frustrated for you and your dog.

How would your life changed if these existed in your life?

Well, it is all possible.

And within a matter of weeks!




Here's a snippet of the value you can receive from this program...

  • A simple training strategy that will give you the training tools to eliminate unwanted behaviors and create a well-mannered dog of your dreams
  • Teach your dog to relax on a mat instead of jumping on guest when the doorbell goes off 
  • Success in teaching your dog to check in with you even when there is the distraction of another dog
  • Walk on a loose leash even when another dog is shouting at you
  • Understand the adolescent and adult phase that your dog is going through.
  • Learn how to teach your dog to sit or go into a down until released

Within a matter of weeks, start seeing results and boost the relationship with your dog to a new level!

Flexible, Self Pace Program

Allows you to study on your own time, in your own home.
Start anytime from anywhere.
Re watch again and again.
Have everyone in the family onboard
Skip to videos that help with the struggles you have in the moment.

Workbooks and Handouts

Download your training tracker, journal and training handouts so you can track your progress and document what working, not working,  questions, and much more. 

In Addition

Lessons stay in your library for future references, even way after you finish the program. 

What you get when you purchase the course.

Downloadable Workbooks

Extensive video library

Step-by-step training

Action Checklists

Here are some of my happy clients' testimonials

 Positive: Professionalism
Amazing service,
amazing woman,
amazing skill set.
With her knowledge of all things canine, I can’t recommend Doreen more!
Thank you so much!

Beau/ Alex Joynson - Cumbria

 Can't recommend Doreen highly enough.
She takes the time to really understand the individual dogs and humans and puts together positive training plans to help aid you towards your goals however big or small

Sara- Cumbria

 Excellent training courses, I’ve done two now with my pup and learned so much both for him and for myself. Explanation of how and why allows clear understanding.
No question is a problem, always get an answer and explanation.
Feel very much at ease with these courses.

Roly - Ralph Stables 

  • Immediate access to world-class training 
  • Over 70 High quality, easy to follow video library that you can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computor.
  • Get lifetime access to my course materials 
  • Dog Training Workbook and Diary so you can track your progress

Valued at £499, Yours for an Amazing

  • Lifetime access to videos
  • Workbook to help track progress
  • Bonus A Daily Diary
  • Bonus B Training Challenges