1-2-1 Behaviour Support Programmes
UK anxious/nervous dogs & Romanian/Overseas Rescue.

UK anxious/nervous dog 

Are you concerned about your UK dog's anxious or nervous behaviour?
Does he bark constantly or at people and other dogs?
Does he get scared and anxious when out and about?
Does he excessively bark or hide when he hears even the smallest of noises?
Does he become fixated with lights or shadows, or engage in obsessive behaviours such as tail-chasing?
If anxiety and stress are causing your dog to exhibit behavioural issues, it can put a strain not only on him, but on your entire family.
You may have looked for solutions to no avail, or even unintentionally  made the situation worse.
I provide bespoke behaviour programmes designed specifically to address your dog's issues.
This includes weekly in-person or online sessions, a free video library worth £150, and a 4 or 7 week plan depending on your needs.

Romanian/Overseas Rescue

Every Romanian/Overseas Rescue is unique, with behaviours that are naturally part of what makes these remarkable dogs so special.
For most of these dogs, feeling secure is essential; if they don't feel safe, their remarkable survival instincts will kick in.
These might include:
reactivity to people and other dogs outside,
fear of visitors in the home,
fear of moving objects, children, joggers, bikes, etc.,

or they may shut down, hide away, refuse to come indoors, refuse to go outdoors, even into the garden,
or be too scared to wear a collar or harness and leash.

 More often than not, there are multiple challenges that lead to the behaviours you observe.
Together, we'll work through these behaviours, providing you with the necessary skills to help your dog.
It is just as much about you as it is about your dog, and I will provide you with full support throughout our time together.

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