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Reduce Your Dog's Reactive Behaviour with Confidence .

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Acquire the skills to transform your dog's reactive behaviour with confidence without intimidating them or using force in the process in 8 weeks or less.

In this program, you will learn to understand what triggers reactivity, and practical skills to address this and thus build a strong connection with your dog.
Immediate access to world-class training

 Over 70 High quality, easy to follow video library that you can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computor.

Get lifetime access to my course materials  
Dog Training Workbook and Diary so you can track your progress

Transform Your Adolescent Dog - World-Class Training Program with Over 100 Video Guides

Adolescent Dog

So many pet parents are frustrated by their dog's behavior - So many teen dogs are re-homed or end up in kennels due to the terrible teen stage in a dog's development.
What happened to your amazing puppy ?
Now there is no recall
He doesn't listen
So easily distracted
He seems to have changed over night,
Welcome to your ADOLESCENT DOG. With my world-class program, you can help transform your pup into a well-mannered, happy, and fun dog - even if you have zero experience with pet-training!
Get instant access to my extensive library of over 100 high-quality video guides, which can be watched anytime from your mobile, tablet, or computer.

 Plus, you'll get lifetime access to course materials such as workbooks to help you learn and track your progress and results.
With my program, you'll have all the tools you need to help your pup thrive, using only kind positive methods that are fun for you and your dog.

Give Your Puppy the Best Start to His Learning: Enrol in My Home Study School!

Puppy School
8 week course

Got a new puppy ?
Give your pup the best start to his learning by enroling in my comprehensive, educational, practical, actionable and fun home study school  for new puppy parents!

 With this puppy training program you will have access to world-class training materials, an extensive video library that can be watched on any device.

 8 week exercises delivered in manageable chunks, and a Puppy Training Workbook and Diary to track your progress.
Start your pup off right and invest in their future!

Immediate life time access to world-class training with over 100 High quality, easy to follow video library