10 reasons why your Romanian dog might be dog reactive.

Understanding your overseas rescue

Why are some overseas rescues dog reactive ?

They have been among other dog's before they came here.

They were in a shelter with other dogs.

They were on the streets with other dogs.

They have been in foster homes with other dogs.

It doesn’t make sense why they can be dog reactive.

Let's talk about it.

First let's get it into perspective.

UK born and bred dogs can also be dog reactive.

10 Reasons could be:-

  1. Restriction of being on leads,
  2. frustration,
  3. misunderstanding of communication by humans,
  4. fear,
  5. stress,
  6. environmental overwhelm, trigger stacking,
  7. pain,
  8. illness,
  9. routine,
  10. diet.

To name a few.

What makes our overseas rescues different from UK rescue dogs?

Dogs in a shelter situation have no choice who they are in there with 24 hours a day. 

They may just keep a low profile to stay out of trouble and survive, or they may fight for their food, space, bed etc.

Most dogs in the shelter have come from the streets, or their parents, grandparents, probably generations before them.

They are wired for survival, passed on in their genetics, maybe even born fearful.

Shelter dogs

Street dogs have a life of choices. 

They choose who to hangout with, when to go solo. Where they sleep, where they eat, where they roam and who they mate with.

Dogs really do not like to fight with other dogs. Being hurt or worse is the last thing they want. They would rather make a safe exit.

These free roaming dogs know which dogs to avoid on their patch. Who is the top dog down the street. They know their own territory and all the safe places, escape routes, best sleeping places, watering areas, and where to get food.

Street dogs

Then woosh, 

They are UK bound.

Some amazing people want to adopt them.

We add barriers, leads, harnesses. Strange environments, new people, Indoors, and so much more.

All their freedom of choice has been taken away.

They may be an only dog that would thrive on having a companion, or find themselves with another strange dog that they don’t know.

All these things and more can affect our overseas rescues.

They see other dogs and boom.

This could also be down to overwhelm, fear and anxiety.

So I hope this helps you understand a little why your amazing overseas rescue may be Dog Reactive

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