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 Reactivity !!! Help is here Course

Acquire the skills to transform your dog's reactive behaviour with confidence without intimidating them or using force in the process in 8 weeks or less.

  • "does your dog bark at strangers?"
  • "does your dog bark at other dogs?"
  • "does your dog lunge?"
  • "does your dog seem scared of men or children?" 
  • "does your dog hide, freeze, bolt ?"

These can all be behaviour related to reactivity.
Reactivity is really just an over reaction to a stimulus.
It is not your fault.

Reactivity affects 1 in every 3 dogs.

In this program, you will learn to understand what triggers reactivity, and practical skills to address this and thus build a strong connection with your dog.

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Who Am I &
 Why Should You Listen to Me? 

Hi My name is Doreen

Over 30 yrs of dog ownership. Starting with Collies and obedience competitions and this led to teaching beginners and advanced dog training for a kennel Club operated dog training club
Then 10 yrs ago I fell in love with a photo and this started me on a Journey.
I was made redundant after 20yrs and made the decision to follow my passion. Which was dog training. But although I love teaching puppies the basics, my heart is with the behaviours and why’s and the struggles people have.
My Romanian rescue dog was reactive and very fearful and I made many mistakes trying to help her.
There really was not a lot of information out there, and what there was often involved methods that I knew were aversive.
I studied hard and learned everything I could, which has lead me to specialise in nervous/anxious dogs, overseas rescue and Separation Anxiety.

Here are some of my happy clients' testimonials

 "Couldn’t recommend Doreen and her services more. She’s worked wonders with us and our dog.
He’s come from terrified of anything and everything to a confident (in the home anyway) pooch. Even though our course has finished she is still there for the support we need and with more work from us and Beau, he will definitely be the confident soul he truly is. 

Beau / Alex 

 Doreen is a fantastic trainer, she's helped me understand my Bella's anxiety issues and shown us brilliant games to play, based on positive reinforcement. Bella is a different dog now in just 8 weeks and I now have the confidence to manage difficult situations whilst out walking. We completed the training both virtually and in person which were both effective. The programme was well structured and Doreen was there every step of the way, encouraging us and correcting our techniques. Would highly recommend A2B and can't thank Doreen enough for her support and expertise and starting Bella off on her road to confidence.

Bella/ Linda 

 " We are now half way through our course with Doreen at A2B Dog Training and Behaviour and are amazed at the progress our rescue dog is showing. Doreen has an incredibly calming and gentle way with both our dog and us when teaching us what to do. Thanks to Doreen we understand changing our dogs unwanted behaviour will take time as it is rooted in fear but she has taught us so much already we can see a much more positive and calm future with our beloved dog.

Honey/ Catherine

Reactivity isn't permanent behaviour.

There are triggers that occur within your dog's environment that are present and your dog is conditioned to act negatively.

You as the dog owner, has the chance to observe and spot the triggers, and also train your dog to react differently and calmly through practical drills that build a bond like you could never imagined possible.

Knowing how to address this situations with confidence is key to long term success and happiness.

You will be equipped with skills on how to calmly handle any situation using proven and reliable handling techniques so you can support your dog and set them up for success.

You will build your own confidence as a handler, and work as a team with your dog.

Are you ready to make that happen?




Are you ready to unlock the following skills and knowledge?

  • What reactivity is, what it is not and how it affects you and your dog
  • How to read canine body language and predict how they will react in different situations
  • How to stay positive even when its gets tough 
  • How to build resilience and reduce stress for both you and your dog
  • How to exercise your dog without going for a traditionally daily walk 
  • How to identify and manage stressors that cause your dog to over react
  • How to select appropriate equipment and handle your dog calmly and safely  

Here are the program milestones:

On Leash Reactivity

Learn how to have prediction and understanding of your dog's behaviour on a leash, build trust and set them up for success.

Reactivity in the Home

Understand how to get your dog supported when he displays reactivity at home and eliminate the triggers that cause that.

Frustration or Fear

Get familiar with the signs of reactivity causing your dog to be scared or agitated so you can predict and support your dog with confidence. 

What you get as a member of the Program

Downloadable Workbooks

Extensive video library

Action Checklists

Here is a recap of what you are getting:

  • Instant access to world-class education 
  • Over 100 High quality videos in an easy to access library that can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer! 
  • Get lifetime access to your course materials 
  • Reframing Reactivity workbooks to help you learn and track your progress and results

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