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Happy birthday to me.🥳
 I was always told growing up  that giving is receiving and I certainly love giving.  Seeing the joy on that person's face when they receive a gift really makes my day.
So Today is my birthday and my gift to you is……….. 20% off three of my amazing fully supported programmes.(excluding assessment consultation)
My 7 week Overseas rescue support programme
7 week Anxious dog programme
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  Times are tough for many, and I want to give a little bit back to help you and your beloved dog ❤  Check out these programmes below and clicking
One 2 One programmes.

Specialising in Overseas/Romanian rescue dogs & Separation Anxiety
in West Cumbria (Cockermouth to Millom) and beyond
Remote training and in person.

Your dog becomes so distressed it really hurts to see.
Perhaps you cannot leave them alone for even a few minutes, without them being anxious.
Even cute puppies can really try your patience.

 Have you tried everything and it hasn't worked
 (or made things worse)  

Maybe you even start to yearn for the life you once knew.                            
                                                I really get it.

It can be a very lonely place when you have a dog or puppy showing some unwanted behaviour.

When your walks become dawn and dusk walks.

When you dread bumping into your neighbour in case they mention the barking.

When your arms ache because you are being dragged down the street.

                  Here at A2B I specialise in

    * Overseas Rescues /Romanian Rescue.

    * Nervous /Anxious dogs and puppies.
    * Qualified in Separation Anxiety.

    * Not forgetting those adorable puppies

Not sure what help you are looking for?
Why not book a free call with me and we can have a chat.

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Not sure what help you are looking for?
Why not book a free call with me and we can have a chat.

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